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So the stork is on its way and you have been invited to attend a dear friend’s baby shower… Perfect time to show mum -to -be that you care!!

You are expected to shower all your love and good wishes, and we from Mum n Mee team will help you find that perfect gift for ‘mum’ and the ‘bump’ 🙂

I have customised 10 different gift ideas for you, that is unique just because most of the suggested items here are handmade, with love..

Read on and find out what ideas this ‘Mum’ has in store for you 🙂

1.Quick trip Mum- Bag

  1. If you are a mum or have close friends or relatives who are mums, then you definitely know the importance of that “ONE” thing that you left behind while packing hundred other stuffs. So why not save mum sometime and give her a pre-packed Mum- Bag with all the essentials, she should not leave home without.

    Get a Nice Pretty Bag, Spacious enough to fill the following items

  • A feeding Bottle
  • A Bib : perfect for teething or spewy babies. You can either opt for a traditional bib, or go for the fancy bandana bibs. Check out Walandelladesigns for their perfectly finished products.


Bandana Bib
Traditional Bib
  •     A teething ring : Check out Arabella+ Autumn for some lovely wooden teething rings

  • A Pacifier
  • Throw in few diapers
  • A packet of wipes
  • Nappy rash cream
  • An extra set of clothing for the baby
  • An extra T-shirt for Mum
  • On-The-Go Changing Mat.


2. Nappy Cake:

The word ‘nappy cake‘ sounds so fancy and interesting isn’t it? A nappy cake is contemporary and ideal for  maternity leave gift, a baby shower or to welcome the new arrival. It is a collection of practical everyday use baby essentials arranged in such a way to look like a cake.

Get a professionally made nappy cake for that perfect gift. For ideas and inspiration check out Nappy Cakes by Maria. Maria creates beautifully made nappy cakes, each nappy cake is lovingly put together by Maria who only uses quality items and her baby skincare products are Australian made and where possible Certified Australian Organic. Maria has a range of nappy cakes which are available ready to purchase and can also customise a nappy cake if required.








3.Welcome Home Baby Set :

Baby’s first introduction to the world is really important. Help mum make baby’s first public appearance in style. Gift her a complete baby outfit set that includes :

  • Personalized Onesie/A Body Suit
  • A Beanie and Bootie Set
  • A pair of mittens.




Check out Double Stitch Creations by Emma Thomas for some lovely inspiration on crochet gift set for new arrival. These baby shower gifts are unique, handmade and would make a special keepsake or gift for any child.


4.Milestone Cards:                                    

Having a child will give his/her parents many beautiful memories, especially in the very first year of its development. New Parents will surely want to capture each of baby’s “firsts” to cherish those memories forever.

So, why don’t you gift mum a special something to capture those significant moments in her child’s life and at the same time within the photo. Yes, I am talking about the milestone cards.

Lori Collins from Ruby Baby Designs, designs these fantastic milestone card that signifies an important moment in baby’s life that you can use as a cute little prop in any of your lovely photos.



5.Bedding & Baby Blankets:

There will be a very high chance that mum- to- be have had already decided what theme she wants to go for. So if you want to go with this option, have a quick chat with her and find out what she has in mind and get a cute modern nursery bedding set, you can check out One Harper Lane, Specialising in boutique, modern nursery bedding and home décor.


If the mum- to- be is close to you can also team up the bedding set with

  • A swaddle
Stretch Wrap by One Harper Lane
  • Handmade baby Blanket.
blanket and cushion by Fairy’s Collection



blanket by Double Stitch Creations




6.Customised Gift Basket:

Get a cute basket(big or small, depending upon the number of items that you want to fit in) and throw in some must have’s for the new born

  •  A Swaddle
  • Burp Cloth

  • A pair of bibs
  • Teething Toys: there is an interesting teething toy by Walandelladesigns, which is actually a teething ring with bunny ears- perfect for soothing a teething baby, but it can also be used as a toy to keep bub busy and increase sensory awareness.

  • Wipe and wash cloths

  • Baby Tag Blankie.( Babies fiddly little fingers are always busy as they interact with everything around them. A tag blankie is baby blanket usually cuddly and soft with looped pieces of ribbon sewn along the borders. These blankets come in vibrant colours that are visually attractive to the new borns)


7.Closet Dividers:

Closet Dividers are another great option and it’s the perfect present for an organized mumma to be.. Check out Zas Designs wardrobe for some lovely inspiration.



8.Play Gym:

Play gyms are the most versatile toy for babies; it has got multiple benefits for a child’s mental as well as physical development. It has a wide range of benefits from cognitive to visual perception to gross motor skills development so on and so forth.. I think I can write another article on that .. But let me leave those details for next time. Check out Arabella +Autumn for some beautifully made wooden play gym ideas.







9. Pamper Mum-to-be

We generally forget the most important person in baby birth, and that is the mum herself. Show her some love, as the journey ahead is difficult!! Really difficult.. with those 9 months of pregnancy and God knows how many hours of labour and the sleep deprived nights that is awaiting her .. this is the perfect time to gift her something for herself.. Mum-to-be really need some care and pampering at this stage.

Think about Self Care Products for Mum to be : During my research I came across this amazing business called Sal Remedia that focus on the element of self care for mums throughout pregnancy, postpartum and years to come, helping maintain their sense of wellbeing. They provide a range of selfcare products for bath, body and face to choose from.


Processed with VSCO with g3 preset


Gift her something luxuries (after all this is the only time she has for herself), let her indulge in some aromatherapy. Soy Lovely by MR provides a new mum kits home fragrance and aromatherapy products with cute little tags advising what each item is. I am sure mum- to be will be thrilled to receive such beautiful gift for herself.


10.Love you Mum

I have saved the best for the last and that is just to show her some TLC (Tender Love and Care). Offer her the most important thing she needs, and that is…. “your time

Giving birth to a new life is THE most difficult job in the world, and it can really be draining along with sleepless nights, taking care of the little one, cleaning the mess throughout the day, cooking and washing etc can take a toll on the new mum. So, you might offer to

  • Prepare her a week’s meal
  • Friends can pitch in and get a one-time professional cleaner
  • Offer to baby sit, while you give new mum some time out, or may be arrange for that much needed date night alone with hubby.


Above all make the mum- to- be feel special and loved !!


Signing off



All the pic credit goes to respective businesses listed above










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