A Bit About Us....

Mum ‘n’ Mee market is an initiative to support small businesses.

At Mum ’n’ Mee, small businesses can sell their goods in both global (online ) and local (pop up) markets. A marketplace that aims at catering to the needs of families and help Mums from Maternity to their Parenting needs. A one stop shop from maternity to parenting solutions.

Our vision : To support small businesses by helping them reach a bigger and more diverse customer base, both locally and globally through pop up markets and online platforms.

Our Unique Selling Proposition :

  1. Our unique concept to cater to the needs of mums and kids , a complete solution from maternity to parenting issues, both online as well as at local markets.
  2. We empower small businesses to start and grow on their own term.
  3. Authenticity and commitment to high-quality products and services.

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