Christmas Gift Guide -2018

Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way…yeah ! so we are just few days away from
Christmas, which is the most wonderful time of the year. And while we know that the real meaning of this holiday season has little to do with all the decorations, tree trimming, and shopping, it’s nice to be able to give a gift to those we love.

But as much as we love giving gifts sometimes finding the perfect Christmas gift can be a bit challenging. Between finding parking and scouring the best deal, you can easily find yourself weary.

If you need a little gift idea inspiration , we have put together a convenient and funky gift guide which has something for the little ones and the mums on your list.

So let’s explore :

1) The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear about Christmas is….. any guesses ? ? .. Ofcourse the Christmas Tree 🙂

This year I have seen Christmas Tree going up in and from the month Of October itself.. and why not, there is nothing wrong in prolonging that chrismassy feel.

The happy and cheerful smiles of kids and even adults while decorating the tree with those beautiful Christmas ornaments is something we would never want to miss. Recently, I came across these fancy customised Christmas Baubles from Mad About Craft and found it to be an awesome idea as it could be customised to my child’s name, and it will certainly make that smile brighter.



2) Lights and Candles : Once you are done with decorating your beautiful Christmas Tree, you now need to create the ambiance with some lovely fairy lights and beautifully scented candles. while there are multiple options in the market for some lovely candles, i would like you to check out this Christmas Special Candle range from The Shaka Shop scented in the night before Christmas the top notes of fresh spruce, apple cider, cranberries and sugary plums, followed by a medley of grapefruit & mandarin delicately intertwined with cinnamon and clove to rejuvenate the holiday spirit in all of us, as the light essence of vanilla beans and musk provides a delicate finish … Oh My God I am already getting into that festive mood 🙂

3) Tiny Mini Gifts in Advent Calenders – If you are planning to or already have the tradition of advent calender in your family, you would want to fill them with some exciting mini stuff for your li’l ones. (Want to find out more about advent calenders ? -check my last year’s Christmas blog

You have multiple options to fill up your advent calender with, you can check out

Three Z’z Gallery for a wide range of funky sun glasses and cufflinks to have you and your little one looking Smart & Jolly in halls of holly.



4) Clothes –  Clothes and Celebration goes hand in hand. Special Occassions calls for special clothing. You can buy as expensive or as budget friendly clothing you want and there are plenty of options out there. However, as Mum n Mee Market is all about supporting small businesses (nothing against bigger brands), but just want a real person behind a small business have a merrier Christmas, here are some of the options.

a) Check out those Chrissy Special Pjs this Summer Christmas from Oli and Lu



B) Locally handmade summer clothing from Hello Possum Clothing. And surprise surprise … they do have boys clothing range as well .. wohh !! What a relief !



If You are planning for a Chrissy Special Photoshoot, check out this beautiful Gold Faux Leather Christmas Crown from Schooza Handmade

5) Toys : If you get small toys like small cars etc, it should fit in your stocking filler or advent calender if you are planning to have one.
however, if you go for toy options like dolls and Soft toys, you can be a bit creative and use “treasure hunt” (the details are there on my previous blog).

I have got a lovely idea for an useful gift that can bring smile on your little ones face

Balance bikes from Lets Roll – Balance bikes are a proven way to help toddlers learn the balance skills required for riding. But their benefits don’t stop there! Balance bikes are easy for young kids allowing them to confidently build strength and coordination, they make exercise fun, they are easy for parents and are safe, all the while skipping training wheels and taking all the hard work out of teaching your toddler to ride. So this Christmas let your kids, rolling style with balance bikes



There is another unique gift idea and you can make it more exciting by making it a treasure hunt find.. and that is

BabyChino Cups from Mumma Cow Personalised Clothing – Reusable cups are one of the most user friendly gift you can give to your near ones. We have got you babychino reusable cups , they are small , easy to carry and available in different colors. This Christmas let you smallies go eco friendly !


The above ideas will by default come into your Christmas Shopping list.. isnt it ? but during hunt for unique gift ideas this year I came across some lovely businesses.
I was really excited to see this Mum n Mee matchy matchy bags !!

6) Mum and mini bags from Katherena– What is better than gifting twinning bags to Mother-Daughter duo, We have got you pink rucksack, which is made from polyester, detachable reins for girls to match their mum’s. These bags are useful, spacious and available in vibrant colors. Cause you know twinning is winning !

Katherena is a vegan (cruelty-free) brand of bags for women based in England, with their new addition they now cater to little girls too!

6) Cherish Book from Harpermartin – Life is sometimes unpredictable and memories are always best said from the person who has lived them. A Book “About us” is the Ultimate Keepsake book. It covers everything from ‘About Me’ to wishes for you. The keepsake book has spots for photos, letters and so much more. Not only will it bring you closer to your loved ones but it will create a memory book that you can ‘Cherish’ forever.

7) This year while doing my research on gift ideas, I came across Memories Of an Angel – the ornament features a double Angel Wing pendant and has a Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Ribbon Charm floating in its centre. It also features a Glass Murano Charm at the base of the hanging ribbon. Samantha is a Bereaved Mother from Melbourne who has lost 9 consecutive pregnancies/babies. She says “holidays can be incredibly hard when someone special is missing from your family”. She lovingly creates each of these ornaments in the hopes that it will help Mothers with empty arms to acknowledge their lost pregnancies and babies at Christmas time.

8) The Joy Of Giving : Like every year, this year also I will appeal to my lovely readers, there is no other joy better than the Joy Of Giving !!

If you had already been doing so, then please pop up the links for such organisations in the comment section below, so as to inspire our readers, which may result in more love and care and definitely Gifts for those in need this Christmas.

Hope you enjoyed reading the ideas, and hopefully you will try and support some small businesses around you so that an actual person can do a little happy dance this festive season 🙂

Have a Merry Christmas and a Really Happy and Prosperous New Year Everyone !!!

Christmas Gift Ideas

“Santa Claus is coming to town”....

He’s making a list … He’s checking it twice; He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice!!

Have you sent out your wish list to Santa yet??

Do you have any idea what your loved ones want for Christmas this year?.. No… Not yet ? Don’t worry, you still have time for to prepare your self for the festive December and we at Mum n Mee Market are here to help you out..

We had a quick discussion with Santa’s little “Elves” and have got a sneak peek of what people were secretly wishing!!

Before I start revealing the wish list, let me ask you a question…Will you prefer 1 BIG GIFT  or many small little ones ?

What do you think about the idea of small little surprise, each day leading upto Santa’s arrival ?

Sounds fun!! ist it?… So, this Christmas why not start a family tradition with Advent Calendars !!

  1. Advent Calendars: “Advent” which in Latin means “Coming”, refers to Coming of Jesus into the world. The tradition of such calendars dates back to mid-19th century when German Protestants counted the days leading up to Christmas by making chalk marks on doors or lighting candles.

Today, Advent Calenders include doors that open to reveal an image, Bible verse, or piece of chocolate. However, in the modern days we can add a bit of twist and loads of fun to start the countdown.

During my research to bring to you the gift options, I came across, these unique handmade advent Calenders, from Enhance Handmade that contain square boxes which can be filled in variety of small goodies.



You can choose to Fill up those boxes with the following options :

  • X mas Ornaments: Let your kids unwrap and hang Christmas Ornaments on the tree each day, You can check out Peg Creative for some amazing Christmas tree décor ornaments.



  • Cookies : Yes, Ofcourse this is something no one can have enough of regardless of your age. You can have home baked cookies with love or buy from the market, choice is yours.

  • Accessories :  As you shop for the big Christmas, these small gift items for little ones can do wonders, check out Irresistible Designs – Baby, for outfits and accessories . The best part is they stock something for everyone, from headbands & hair accessories, romper sets, dummy & teether toys to shoes & socks and tights. Your Princess or Prince will be covered from head to toe!


  • Treasure Maps : Be a bit creative, draw up a little treasure map (of course of your home) and place them in one of the boxes of the advent calendar. Hide some treasures (bigger gifts) somewhere, and let your kids find them out !! This will be a lot of fun for sure and I can’t wait to try this out at my place, although it will take a few more years for me as my son is just 21 months old.

Now the “treasure” can be anything – a toy that your little one wanted for a long time, a book Or any gift option mentioned in this blog which is big and does not fit in the advent calendar.


  • Toys : If you get small toys like small cars etc, it should fit in, however, if you go for toy options like dolls and Soft toys, you can use “treasure hunt” mentioned above to let your kids discover them and enjoy.

If your kids love soft cuddly toys, then you should definitely see what Modimade has to offer this Christmas. They make gorgeous Christmas gifts for kids and bubs, which include a range of hand knitted toy animals like rabbit, puppy, bear, cat, piglet and cute lions .These cuddly toys are a gift that also gives!!



  • A card with personalized note for the family: What is Christmas, without its greeting cards. If you want to go an eco- friendly way, check out Sophia, their cards are all , hand designed and printed on 100% recycled cardboard. These beautiful cards make the perfect addition to any Christmas gift and can be paired with matching gift tags.

  • Chocolates: A gift option that is synonymous with any celebration. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy chocolates and its kind of the same thing.. isn’t it ?

  • Desk Calendar: With Christmas, also comes the hope and resolution for the new year. With smart phones around, we tend to lose the classy look of desk calendars. Wishbone Creative has designed some charming 2018 calendars that are a perfect gift that’s practical for parents and fun for the kids. Watch them discover the quirky monthly illustrations of ‘life in unexpected places’. Modern, original and delightful these are made with love in NZ.


These were some of the options, but use your creative ideas to fill in the advent calendar, and make it more exciting !!

2. Clothing: No Occasion can be complete without good clothes. When it comes to Christmas they have to be extra special. So this particular option just goes without saying. There are heaps and heaps of clothing brands out there, but if you support a small business, indirectly you will be helping a real person behind it celebrate a “Merrier” Christmas. Again there are loads of options and you can do your research.

However, here are some suggestions from Mum n Mee Market.

  •  If you are looking something special for little girls, check out this new brand of Parisian inspired petticoat tutu’s, layered with tulle, called “Petticoat Princess”. For me personally, its so difficult to put my eyes off their website.. They come in beautifully packaged in their signature gift boxes which is a perfect fit for a princess.


  • Pop in and have a look at another unique idea by Little Madam Boutique, who have introduced a combination of Skirts + Shorts = “ Skorts” for Christmas. These have double the ruffles, built in shorts and very appropriate when your little one is crawling or is an active toddler in general.



3) Encourage Hobbies : There is no age limit for developing a new hobby, if the gift is for a child, give them something they are interested in, in case of very young kids, give them something that you think will be fun as well as help them in their all-round development.

Painting, Singing , Dancing, Reading are few of very common hobbies that can be encouraged from a very young age, that is both fun and beneficial. Some of the relevant gift options can be..

  • Painting: If your child is interested in beautiful colours, just let them be themselves, gift them a painting kit and let them explore the fun (be extra vigilant though, and make sure they are not using your beautiful newly painted walls as a canvas).

There is a very cool gift option from “Little Designers & Co.” Check out there range of Design & Colour your own Tote Bags, which is printed on one side and contains fine line fabric markers to colour your bag. So, your little ones can even use the DIY bag to carry their artistic stuff around .

  • Reading : Books are portable magic. So, this magical Christmas you can give your loved ones the gift of reading. The options simply are endless for everyone. For kids however, you can check out Inspire Book Box, which is an exciting, fun and educational monthly subscription box creating quality family time and igniting children’s passion for reading. . Each box has been purposefully curated by a book loving team of qualified teachers, parents and children. It is filled with great books, creative craft and sensory activities.

  • Collectables: The list of collectables are endless, and this is a beautiful hobby for all young at heart. You know your near and dear ones better, so find out what they already have but really want more for their collection.



4) For New Born : If the gift is for a new born or a Mum- to –be please hop on to our blog on Baby Shower Gift Ideas. I am sure you will come across lots of useful options there.

  • In addition to that, you can check out  My First Kits. My First Kit features packs of all the essentials you need to get the baby started on firsts – whether it be the first time they start solids, their first bath or the first swim.


5) For Mums/Ladies

  • Shoes: There is a famous quote that says ” If the Shoe Fits, Buy it in every Colour”.. But what if the same pair of shoes comes in all your favourite colour and style ?? Confused ??? Yes, I am talking about the interchangeable shoes by Galibelle which are now available in Australia and New Zealand by Sole Sister Jules, don’t forget to check out their facebook and Instagram pages. These unique and comfortable shoes have a creative interchangeable system. Just purchase your soles, and then keep adding different straps according to your taste or occasion.  Isnt that a cool idea !!

  •  Jewellery : Good things come in small packages, especially when its “jewellery”. And every woman deserves that small package in almost every special occasion. While Choices and deals are many, you can check out Clare Quinlan Jewelry. They create sterling silver jewellery and have a mums and bubs set specially for Christmas.


  • Pampering Set : Again, I would encourage you to see the Pamper Mum section on our previous blog on Mothers Day Gift ideas for some of the amazing options , which can definitely be used as an useful Christmas Present. In addition, to the that if you are looking for stocking stuffers or Kris Kringle gifts, you can try Handmade Nail Polish by Aree Polish : These lovelies come in a variety of colours and finishes perfect for people of any age.


  • Gift Box: Imagine a gift box filled with gourmet goods and unique gifts across the world, the box may include, a bath and body products, home decor, mouthwatering snacks and the perfect wake up beverages to start your day. Sounds really interesting right, and the person who receives the gift will love you even more. So here is the great news.. the hard work of arranging a complete gift box filled with exquisite gourmet goods and 4-7 artisan items from a different city across the world has already been done by Swanky Explorers. Hop on to their site to find out more such options.


The Joy Of Giving  : Last but definitely the most important one. This Christmas let us experience and teach our children the “Joy Of Giving”. This can be done in a number of ways, you can

  • Support Charities that raises fund to support the under-privileged.
  • Donate pre-loved baby clothes, toys and other children’s gear to non -profit Organisations, which can be shared with those in need.
  • Donate your time and love.

If you had already been doing so, then please pop up the links for such organisations in the comment section below, so as to inspire our readers, which may result in more love and care and definitely Gifts for those in need this Christmas.

Hope you enjoyed reading our ideas, leave in your comments below if you want us to add more options (On a side note, I know there is  nothing much I mentioned about Men, but that’s not difficult, just get them any gadgets and they will be happy for the rest of the year 🙂

Have a Merry Christmas and a Really Happy and Prosperous New Year Everyone !!!



Signing Off





Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Because God cannot be everywhere, He created Mums!!


The sweetest words that I ever heard in my life was when my son called me “mumma –mu ma ma” for the very first time. It was only then I realized, the emotions and love that my mum has for me.

As a grown up how often do we take time to go back to our mum and say “I love you”, I do not remember saying that to her for a long long time.. Mothers Day is not just a single day to celebrate  Mums, it is actually a reminder, that how granted we take our parents for, that we have just assigned a day to celebrate them. But never the less, it must be celebrated and they must feel that they are still special to us. Someone very rightly said, “because god cannot be everywhere, he created mothers”.

This mother’s day, we bring to you some unique gift ideas, to pamper that special lady in your life. We have also highlighted some gifts for new mums and I am sure dads will try and make their kids’ mum feel Special as well.

The choices of gifts are endless, from jewellery, flowers, clothes , and chocolates, but WHAT can you actually give a person who gave you everything?

Read On to get some ideas !!

1) Morning Sleep : This is something she has been longing for, take my words on that.. Dads please make sure, you take care of your kids’ early morning routine, while Mum can complete that much needed sleep. Bonus points if you can make “Mothers Day” Special Breakfast with the Kids and let her wake up to this beautiful morning surprise.


2) Let her wake up to a Clean House: Multi-tasking is her second nature, but how about, giving her freedom from daily Mum Routine for a day, and let her wake up to a clean house and tidy kids room. Give her one morning when she doesn’t have to wake up and do the dirty dishes, put that cushion back on the sofa or tidy up all those scattered toys. You can either higher a professional to help her or Dads can even ask kids to help out.


3) Your Time : The most important thing that you can gift anyone is “your time”, and when it comes to one of the most important person in your life, then its definitely worth a thought. Try and plan your day around your mum if you can, if you can be around her physically, there is nothing better, have breakfast together, spend time catching up, go out for some shopping and may be plan a big dinner for her. Anything, that makes her feel special. But unfortunately, this is not an option for some people like us who lives oceans apart from their parents. But, definitely we can take some time off our general routine work and spend generous amount of time with them on a video call and let them know how special they are to us.


4) Mee Time: This is also something to be considered while planning for Mothers Day. Not every one wants a special day full of special activities. No one desires some “Me” time more than New Mommies or Mums in general.. So give her little space and time when she can do whatever she wants, read in her favorite little corner, have a chat with her girlfriends, watch her favourite flick without any interruption.

Now Lets talk about some tangible gifts 🙂

5)Gift Cards: There is nothing worse than buying a gift for someone and then having to return it in exchange for something else. This has personally happened with us last year, when we bought something for my Mum – in – Law and then had to go back to return it the next day as it did not fit her well. I am sure, it was not only us who had this problem. Surveys Shows 7 out of 10 moms return at least one thing in exchange for something else.  It sounds fair as well, who doesn’t love shopping?? and when it comes to ladies… I need not say anything else, just get her a Gift Card from her favourite store and you are all done.

6) Jewellery : No woman ever have “enough” jewellery, and no occasion is small enough for not thinking about jewellery as an option for that special lady in your life. So yes, (Dads/Sons/Husbands) go and find out whats the latest deals on jewellery out there. And of-course it need not be expensive, any small piece with genuine love can do wonders (May be it’s a small hint for my husband as well .. wink wink**)

7. Pamper Mums : All mothers around the world work very hard, because they have 24/7 job. Mums do need to rest and relax and need some pampering. Think about the following options:

a) Spa Session : Gifts like a massage/spa voucher from her favorite parlor can simply make her day.

b) Relaxing Massage Oil : You can also gift her some Relaxing Massage Oil so that she can use it whenever she gets time. Check out Ravo’s Products for some natural massage oil, where each bottle is handcrafted by a pharmacist .

c) Candles: Massage oil can go really well with some beautifully scented candles to create a spa like ambience right at home. For ideas and inspirations check out Love Ava Candles.

d) Nail care products: To complete this luxurius gift option, why not gift mums something that all ladies love. Nowadays with so many amazing Mums around, its easier to create that parlour ambience around us, right at home. There are these special packages from Jamberry. They offer beautiful nail wraps, lacquers, gels, hand and nail care to suit every mum.

They   have released some special Mothers Day wraps and hand creams. Hop on to either Or and find out more from the experienced Mums in business.

e) Mothers Day Gift Boxes : There are many businesses out there who prepare ready made gift boxes for mother day. Check out Boxed Temptations  for some lovely gift ideas. They have variety of different packages..

  • Relax Giftbox: This box contains a beautiful bath soak, an amazing nougat to munch on and a nectar bottle just right for a flower, milk or displaying!

  • On The Go Giftbox

The On The Go box is a great idea for busy mums! The flask is perfect for hot and cold drinks and comes in a range of colours. With Smoothie Bombs that are perfect for morning and tea which is perfect for afternoon, this box has everything for getting through the day while out and about. There is a choice of Smoothie Bomb flavours, flask colours and tea flavours to help you personalise this box.



8) Balanced Motherhood: This is something specially designed for new Mums. I came across this lovely idea during my research on Mothers Day Gift ideas. The Rising Mum offers a coaching package which is a tailored to suit the mum’s needs. They cover things like self-care, self-love, goal setting and self-limiting beliefs and use a range of therapies from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and visualization.  Check them out and new Mums can surely use their service for a more relaxed early motherhood phase and will love you for that.


9) Get Dinner Sorted: There is nothing like home cooked meal for a special occasion to make someone feel extra special. You might even choose to take her out for a dinner, but make sure she doesn’t have to go anywhere near that oven to take care of the night’s meal. Give her some free time for herself while you sort out the dinner.



10) Love You Mum

#10 is always reserved for Mum n Mee’s signature tip !! and that is TLC (Tender Love and Care).  You might or might not choose to celebrate Mothers Day.. either ways Mothers will love their kids more than anything else in the world. The least we can do is love them back, take care, be nice, patient and respectful in our behavior and attitude towards them. Remember, Best things in life are free, when you do anything for them, do it from your heart and you will be all set to celebrate the most loving person in your life..




Signing Off and Lots of Love



So the stork is on its way and you have been invited to attend a dear friend’s baby shower… Perfect time to show mum -to -be that you care!!

You are expected to shower all your love and good wishes, and we from Mum n Mee team will help you find that perfect gift for ‘mum’ and the ‘bump’ 🙂

I have customised 10 different gift ideas for you, that is unique just because most of the suggested items here are handmade, with love..

Read on and find out what ideas this ‘Mum’ has in store for you 🙂

1.Quick trip Mum- Bag

  1. If you are a mum or have close friends or relatives who are mums, then you definitely know the importance of that “ONE” thing that you left behind while packing hundred other stuffs. So why not save mum sometime and give her a pre-packed Mum- Bag with all the essentials, she should not leave home without.

    Get a Nice Pretty Bag, Spacious enough to fill the following items

  • A feeding Bottle
  • A Bib : perfect for teething or spewy babies. You can either opt for a traditional bib, or go for the fancy bandana bibs. Check out Walandelladesigns for their perfectly finished products.


Bandana Bib
Traditional Bib
  •     A teething ring : Check out Arabella+ Autumn for some lovely wooden teething rings

  • A Pacifier
  • Throw in few diapers
  • A packet of wipes
  • Nappy rash cream
  • An extra set of clothing for the baby
  • An extra T-shirt for Mum
  • On-The-Go Changing Mat.


2. Nappy Cake:

The word ‘nappy cake‘ sounds so fancy and interesting isn’t it? A nappy cake is contemporary and ideal for  maternity leave gift, a baby shower or to welcome the new arrival. It is a collection of practical everyday use baby essentials arranged in such a way to look like a cake.

Get a professionally made nappy cake for that perfect gift. For ideas and inspiration check out Nappy Cakes by Maria. Maria creates beautifully made nappy cakes, each nappy cake is lovingly put together by Maria who only uses quality items and her baby skincare products are Australian made and where possible Certified Australian Organic. Maria has a range of nappy cakes which are available ready to purchase and can also customise a nappy cake if required.








3.Welcome Home Baby Set :

Baby’s first introduction to the world is really important. Help mum make baby’s first public appearance in style. Gift her a complete baby outfit set that includes :

  • Personalized Onesie/A Body Suit
  • A Beanie and Bootie Set
  • A pair of mittens.




Check out Double Stitch Creations by Emma Thomas for some lovely inspiration on crochet gift set for new arrival. These baby shower gifts are unique, handmade and would make a special keepsake or gift for any child.


4.Milestone Cards:                                    

Having a child will give his/her parents many beautiful memories, especially in the very first year of its development. New Parents will surely want to capture each of baby’s “firsts” to cherish those memories forever.

So, why don’t you gift mum a special something to capture those significant moments in her child’s life and at the same time within the photo. Yes, I am talking about the milestone cards.

Lori Collins from Ruby Baby Designs, designs these fantastic milestone card that signifies an important moment in baby’s life that you can use as a cute little prop in any of your lovely photos.



5.Bedding & Baby Blankets:

There will be a very high chance that mum- to- be have had already decided what theme she wants to go for. So if you want to go with this option, have a quick chat with her and find out what she has in mind and get a cute modern nursery bedding set, you can check out One Harper Lane, Specialising in boutique, modern nursery bedding and home décor.


If the mum- to- be is close to you can also team up the bedding set with

  • A swaddle
Stretch Wrap by One Harper Lane
  • Handmade baby Blanket.
blanket and cushion by Fairy’s Collection



blanket by Double Stitch Creations




6.Customised Gift Basket:

Get a cute basket(big or small, depending upon the number of items that you want to fit in) and throw in some must have’s for the new born

  •  A Swaddle
  • Burp Cloth

  • A pair of bibs
  • Teething Toys: there is an interesting teething toy by Walandelladesigns, which is actually a teething ring with bunny ears- perfect for soothing a teething baby, but it can also be used as a toy to keep bub busy and increase sensory awareness.

  • Wipe and wash cloths

  • Baby Tag Blankie.( Babies fiddly little fingers are always busy as they interact with everything around them. A tag blankie is baby blanket usually cuddly and soft with looped pieces of ribbon sewn along the borders. These blankets come in vibrant colours that are visually attractive to the new borns)


7.Closet Dividers:

Closet Dividers are another great option and it’s the perfect present for an organized mumma to be.. Check out Zas Designs wardrobe for some lovely inspiration.



8.Play Gym:

Play gyms are the most versatile toy for babies; it has got multiple benefits for a child’s mental as well as physical development. It has a wide range of benefits from cognitive to visual perception to gross motor skills development so on and so forth.. I think I can write another article on that .. But let me leave those details for next time. Check out Arabella +Autumn for some beautifully made wooden play gym ideas.







9. Pamper Mum-to-be

We generally forget the most important person in baby birth, and that is the mum herself. Show her some love, as the journey ahead is difficult!! Really difficult.. with those 9 months of pregnancy and God knows how many hours of labour and the sleep deprived nights that is awaiting her .. this is the perfect time to gift her something for herself.. Mum-to-be really need some care and pampering at this stage.

Think about Self Care Products for Mum to be : During my research I came across this amazing business called Sal Remedia that focus on the element of self care for mums throughout pregnancy, postpartum and years to come, helping maintain their sense of wellbeing. They provide a range of selfcare products for bath, body and face to choose from.


Processed with VSCO with g3 preset


Gift her something luxuries (after all this is the only time she has for herself), let her indulge in some aromatherapy. Soy Lovely by MR provides a new mum kits home fragrance and aromatherapy products with cute little tags advising what each item is. I am sure mum- to be will be thrilled to receive such beautiful gift for herself.


10.Love you Mum

I have saved the best for the last and that is just to show her some TLC (Tender Love and Care). Offer her the most important thing she needs, and that is…. “your time

Giving birth to a new life is THE most difficult job in the world, and it can really be draining along with sleepless nights, taking care of the little one, cleaning the mess throughout the day, cooking and washing etc can take a toll on the new mum. So, you might offer to

  • Prepare her a week’s meal
  • Friends can pitch in and get a one-time professional cleaner
  • Offer to baby sit, while you give new mum some time out, or may be arrange for that much needed date night alone with hubby.


Above all make the mum- to- be feel special and loved !!


Signing off



All the pic credit goes to respective businesses listed above