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Christmas Gift Guide -2018

Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells

Jingle all the way…yeah ! so we are just few days away from
Christmas, which is the most wonderful time of the year. And while we know that the real meaning of this holiday season has little to do with all the decorations, tree trimming, and shopping, it’s nice to be able to give a gift to those we love.

But as much as we love giving gifts sometimes finding the perfect Christmas gift can be a bit challenging. Between finding parking and scouring the best deal, you can easily find yourself weary.

If you need a little gift idea inspiration , we have put together a convenient and funky gift guide which has something for the little ones and the mums on your list.

So let’s explore :

1) The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear about Christmas is….. any guesses ? ? .. Ofcourse the Christmas Tree 🙂

This year I have seen Christmas Tree going up in and from the month Of October itself.. and why not, there is nothing wrong in prolonging that chrismassy feel.

The happy and cheerful smiles of kids and even adults while decorating the tree with those beautiful Christmas ornaments is something we would never want to miss. Recently, I came across these fancy customised Christmas Baubles from Mad About Craft and found it to be an awesome idea as it could be customised to my child’s name, and it will certainly make that smile brighter.



2) Lights and Candles : Once you are done with decorating your beautiful Christmas Tree, you now need to create the ambiance with some lovely fairy lights and beautifully scented candles. while there are multiple options in the market for some lovely candles, i would like you to check out this Christmas Special Candle range from The Shaka Shop scented in the night before Christmas the top notes of fresh spruce, apple cider, cranberries and sugary plums, followed by a medley of grapefruit & mandarin delicately intertwined with cinnamon and clove to rejuvenate the holiday spirit in all of us, as the light essence of vanilla beans and musk provides a delicate finish … Oh My God I am already getting into that festive mood 🙂

3) Tiny Mini Gifts in Advent Calenders – If you are planning to or already have the tradition of advent calender in your family, you would want to fill them with some exciting mini stuff for your li’l ones. (Want to find out more about advent calenders ? -check my last year’s Christmas blog

You have multiple options to fill up your advent calender with, you can check out

Three Z’z Gallery for a wide range of funky sun glasses and cufflinks to have you and your little one looking Smart & Jolly in halls of holly.



4) Clothes –  Clothes and Celebration goes hand in hand. Special Occassions calls for special clothing. You can buy as expensive or as budget friendly clothing you want and there are plenty of options out there. However, as Mum n Mee Market is all about supporting small businesses (nothing against bigger brands), but just want a real person behind a small business have a merrier Christmas, here are some of the options.

a) Check out those Chrissy Special Pjs this Summer Christmas from Oli and Lu



B) Locally handmade summer clothing from Hello Possum Clothing. And surprise surprise … they do have boys clothing range as well .. wohh !! What a relief !



If You are planning for a Chrissy Special Photoshoot, check out this beautiful Gold Faux Leather Christmas Crown from Schooza Handmade

5) Toys : If you get small toys like small cars etc, it should fit in your stocking filler or advent calender if you are planning to have one.
however, if you go for toy options like dolls and Soft toys, you can be a bit creative and use “treasure hunt” (the details are there on my previous blog).

I have got a lovely idea for an useful gift that can bring smile on your little ones face

Balance bikes from Lets Roll – Balance bikes are a proven way to help toddlers learn the balance skills required for riding. But their benefits don’t stop there! Balance bikes are easy for young kids allowing them to confidently build strength and coordination, they make exercise fun, they are easy for parents and are safe, all the while skipping training wheels and taking all the hard work out of teaching your toddler to ride. So this Christmas let your kids, rolling style with balance bikes



There is another unique gift idea and you can make it more exciting by making it a treasure hunt find.. and that is

BabyChino Cups from Mumma Cow Personalised Clothing – Reusable cups are one of the most user friendly gift you can give to your near ones. We have got you babychino reusable cups , they are small , easy to carry and available in different colors. This Christmas let you smallies go eco friendly !


The above ideas will by default come into your Christmas Shopping list.. isnt it ? but during hunt for unique gift ideas this year I came across some lovely businesses.
I was really excited to see this Mum n Mee matchy matchy bags !!

6) Mum and mini bags from Katherena– What is better than gifting twinning bags to Mother-Daughter duo, We have got you pink rucksack, which is made from polyester, detachable reins for girls to match their mum’s. These bags are useful, spacious and available in vibrant colors. Cause you know twinning is winning !

Katherena is a vegan (cruelty-free) brand of bags for women based in England, with their new addition they now cater to little girls too!

6) Cherish Book from Harpermartin – Life is sometimes unpredictable and memories are always best said from the person who has lived them. A Book “About us” is the Ultimate Keepsake book. It covers everything from ‘About Me’ to wishes for you. The keepsake book has spots for photos, letters and so much more. Not only will it bring you closer to your loved ones but it will create a memory book that you can ‘Cherish’ forever.

7) This year while doing my research on gift ideas, I came across Memories Of an Angel – the ornament features a double Angel Wing pendant and has a Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Ribbon Charm floating in its centre. It also features a Glass Murano Charm at the base of the hanging ribbon. Samantha is a Bereaved Mother from Melbourne who has lost 9 consecutive pregnancies/babies. She says “holidays can be incredibly hard when someone special is missing from your family”. She lovingly creates each of these ornaments in the hopes that it will help Mothers with empty arms to acknowledge their lost pregnancies and babies at Christmas time.

8) The Joy Of Giving : Like every year, this year also I will appeal to my lovely readers, there is no other joy better than the Joy Of Giving !!

If you had already been doing so, then please pop up the links for such organisations in the comment section below, so as to inspire our readers, which may result in more love and care and definitely Gifts for those in need this Christmas.

Hope you enjoyed reading the ideas, and hopefully you will try and support some small businesses around you so that an actual person can do a little happy dance this festive season 🙂

Have a Merry Christmas and a Really Happy and Prosperous New Year Everyone !!!

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