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Christmas Gift Ideas

“Santa Claus is coming to town”....

He’s making a list … He’s checking it twice; He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice!!

Have you sent out your wish list to Santa yet??

Do you have any idea what your loved ones want for Christmas this year?.. No… Not yet ? Don’t worry, you still have time for to prepare your self for the festive December and we at Mum n Mee Market are here to help you out..

We had a quick discussion with Santa’s little “Elves” and have got a sneak peek of what people were secretly wishing!!

Before I start revealing the wish list, let me ask you a question…Will you prefer 1 BIG GIFT  or many small little ones ?

What do you think about the idea of small little surprise, each day leading upto Santa’s arrival ?

Sounds fun!! ist it?… So, this Christmas why not start a family tradition with Advent Calendars !!

  1. Advent Calendars: “Advent” which in Latin means “Coming”, refers to Coming of Jesus into the world. The tradition of such calendars dates back to mid-19th century when German Protestants counted the days leading up to Christmas by making chalk marks on doors or lighting candles.

Today, Advent Calenders include doors that open to reveal an image, Bible verse, or piece of chocolate. However, in the modern days we can add a bit of twist and loads of fun to start the countdown.

During my research to bring to you the gift options, I came across, these unique handmade advent Calenders, from Enhance Handmade that contain square boxes which can be filled in variety of small goodies.



You can choose to Fill up those boxes with the following options :

  • X mas Ornaments: Let your kids unwrap and hang Christmas Ornaments on the tree each day, You can check out Peg Creative for some amazing Christmas tree décor ornaments.



  • Cookies : Yes, Ofcourse this is something no one can have enough of regardless of your age. You can have home baked cookies with love or buy from the market, choice is yours.

  • Accessories :  As you shop for the big Christmas, these small gift items for little ones can do wonders, check out Irresistible Designs – Baby, for outfits and accessories . The best part is they stock something for everyone, from headbands & hair accessories, romper sets, dummy & teether toys to shoes & socks and tights. Your Princess or Prince will be covered from head to toe!


  • Treasure Maps : Be a bit creative, draw up a little treasure map (of course of your home) and place them in one of the boxes of the advent calendar. Hide some treasures (bigger gifts) somewhere, and let your kids find them out !! This will be a lot of fun for sure and I can’t wait to try this out at my place, although it will take a few more years for me as my son is just 21 months old.

Now the “treasure” can be anything – a toy that your little one wanted for a long time, a book Or any gift option mentioned in this blog which is big and does not fit in the advent calendar.


  • Toys : If you get small toys like small cars etc, it should fit in, however, if you go for toy options like dolls and Soft toys, you can use “treasure hunt” mentioned above to let your kids discover them and enjoy.

If your kids love soft cuddly toys, then you should definitely see what Modimade has to offer this Christmas. They make gorgeous Christmas gifts for kids and bubs, which include a range of hand knitted toy animals like rabbit, puppy, bear, cat, piglet and cute lions .These cuddly toys are a gift that also gives!!



  • A card with personalized note for the family: What is Christmas, without its greeting cards. If you want to go an eco- friendly way, check out Sophia, their cards are all , hand designed and printed on 100% recycled cardboard. These beautiful cards make the perfect addition to any Christmas gift and can be paired with matching gift tags.

  • Chocolates: A gift option that is synonymous with any celebration. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy chocolates and its kind of the same thing.. isn’t it ?

  • Desk Calendar: With Christmas, also comes the hope and resolution for the new year. With smart phones around, we tend to lose the classy look of desk calendars. Wishbone Creative has designed some charming 2018 calendars that are a perfect gift that’s practical for parents and fun for the kids. Watch them discover the quirky monthly illustrations of ‘life in unexpected places’. Modern, original and delightful these are made with love in NZ.


These were some of the options, but use your creative ideas to fill in the advent calendar, and make it more exciting !!

2. Clothing: No Occasion can be complete without good clothes. When it comes to Christmas they have to be extra special. So this particular option just goes without saying. There are heaps and heaps of clothing brands out there, but if you support a small business, indirectly you will be helping a real person behind it celebrate a “Merrier” Christmas. Again there are loads of options and you can do your research.

However, here are some suggestions from Mum n Mee Market.

  •  If you are looking something special for little girls, check out this new brand of Parisian inspired petticoat tutu’s, layered with tulle, called “Petticoat Princess”. For me personally, its so difficult to put my eyes off their website.. They come in beautifully packaged in their signature gift boxes which is a perfect fit for a princess.


  • Pop in and have a look at another unique idea by Little Madam Boutique, who have introduced a combination of Skirts + Shorts = “ Skorts” for Christmas. These have double the ruffles, built in shorts and very appropriate when your little one is crawling or is an active toddler in general.



3) Encourage Hobbies : There is no age limit for developing a new hobby, if the gift is for a child, give them something they are interested in, in case of very young kids, give them something that you think will be fun as well as help them in their all-round development.

Painting, Singing , Dancing, Reading are few of very common hobbies that can be encouraged from a very young age, that is both fun and beneficial. Some of the relevant gift options can be..

  • Painting: If your child is interested in beautiful colours, just let them be themselves, gift them a painting kit and let them explore the fun (be extra vigilant though, and make sure they are not using your beautiful newly painted walls as a canvas).

There is a very cool gift option from “Little Designers & Co.” Check out there range of Design & Colour your own Tote Bags, which is printed on one side and contains fine line fabric markers to colour your bag. So, your little ones can even use the DIY bag to carry their artistic stuff around .

  • Reading : Books are portable magic. So, this magical Christmas you can give your loved ones the gift of reading. The options simply are endless for everyone. For kids however, you can check out Inspire Book Box, which is an exciting, fun and educational monthly subscription box creating quality family time and igniting children’s passion for reading. . Each box has been purposefully curated by a book loving team of qualified teachers, parents and children. It is filled with great books, creative craft and sensory activities.

  • Collectables: The list of collectables are endless, and this is a beautiful hobby for all young at heart. You know your near and dear ones better, so find out what they already have but really want more for their collection.



4) For New Born : If the gift is for a new born or a Mum- to –be please hop on to our blog on Baby Shower Gift Ideas. I am sure you will come across lots of useful options there.

  • In addition to that, you can check out  My First Kits. My First Kit features packs of all the essentials you need to get the baby started on firsts – whether it be the first time they start solids, their first bath or the first swim.


5) For Mums/Ladies

  • Shoes: There is a famous quote that says ” If the Shoe Fits, Buy it in every Colour”.. But what if the same pair of shoes comes in all your favourite colour and style ?? Confused ??? Yes, I am talking about the interchangeable shoes by Galibelle which are now available in Australia and New Zealand by Sole Sister Jules, don’t forget to check out their facebook and Instagram pages. These unique and comfortable shoes have a creative interchangeable system. Just purchase your soles, and then keep adding different straps according to your taste or occasion.  Isnt that a cool idea !!

  •  Jewellery : Good things come in small packages, especially when its “jewellery”. And every woman deserves that small package in almost every special occasion. While Choices and deals are many, you can check out Clare Quinlan Jewelry. They create sterling silver jewellery and have a mums and bubs set specially for Christmas.


  • Pampering Set : Again, I would encourage you to see the Pamper Mum section on our previous blog on Mothers Day Gift ideas for some of the amazing options , which can definitely be used as an useful Christmas Present. In addition, to the that if you are looking for stocking stuffers or Kris Kringle gifts, you can try Handmade Nail Polish by Aree Polish : These lovelies come in a variety of colours and finishes perfect for people of any age.


  • Gift Box: Imagine a gift box filled with gourmet goods and unique gifts across the world, the box may include, a bath and body products, home decor, mouthwatering snacks and the perfect wake up beverages to start your day. Sounds really interesting right, and the person who receives the gift will love you even more. So here is the great news.. the hard work of arranging a complete gift box filled with exquisite gourmet goods and 4-7 artisan items from a different city across the world has already been done by Swanky Explorers. Hop on to their site to find out more such options.


The Joy Of Giving  : Last but definitely the most important one. This Christmas let us experience and teach our children the “Joy Of Giving”. This can be done in a number of ways, you can

  • Support Charities that raises fund to support the under-privileged.
  • Donate pre-loved baby clothes, toys and other children’s gear to non -profit Organisations, which can be shared with those in need.
  • Donate your time and love.

If you had already been doing so, then please pop up the links for such organisations in the comment section below, so as to inspire our readers, which may result in more love and care and definitely Gifts for those in need this Christmas.

Hope you enjoyed reading our ideas, leave in your comments below if you want us to add more options (On a side note, I know there is  nothing much I mentioned about Men, but that’s not difficult, just get them any gadgets and they will be happy for the rest of the year 🙂

Have a Merry Christmas and a Really Happy and Prosperous New Year Everyone !!!



Signing Off





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We give to Operation Christmas Child, Kiva and local Christmas appeals. Such an amazing way to share the joy!


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