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Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Because God cannot be everywhere, He created Mums!!


The sweetest words that I ever heard in my life was when my son called me “mumma –mu ma ma” for the very first time. It was only then I realized, the emotions and love that my mum has for me.

As a grown up how often do we take time to go back to our mum and say “I love you”, I do not remember saying that to her for a long long time.. Mothers Day is not just a single day to celebrate  Mums, it is actually a reminder, that how granted we take our parents for, that we have just assigned a day to celebrate them. But never the less, it must be celebrated and they must feel that they are still special to us. Someone very rightly said, “because god cannot be everywhere, he created mothers”.

This mother’s day, we bring to you some unique gift ideas, to pamper that special lady in your life. We have also highlighted some gifts for new mums and I am sure dads will try and make their kids’ mum feel Special as well.

The choices of gifts are endless, from jewellery, flowers, clothes , and chocolates, but WHAT can you actually give a person who gave you everything?

Read On to get some ideas !!

1) Morning Sleep : This is something she has been longing for, take my words on that.. Dads please make sure, you take care of your kids’ early morning routine, while Mum can complete that much needed sleep. Bonus points if you can make “Mothers Day” Special Breakfast with the Kids and let her wake up to this beautiful morning surprise.


2) Let her wake up to a Clean House: Multi-tasking is her second nature, but how about, giving her freedom from daily Mum Routine for a day, and let her wake up to a clean house and tidy kids room. Give her one morning when she doesn’t have to wake up and do the dirty dishes, put that cushion back on the sofa or tidy up all those scattered toys. You can either higher a professional to help her or Dads can even ask kids to help out.


3) Your Time : The most important thing that you can gift anyone is “your time”, and when it comes to one of the most important person in your life, then its definitely worth a thought. Try and plan your day around your mum if you can, if you can be around her physically, there is nothing better, have breakfast together, spend time catching up, go out for some shopping and may be plan a big dinner for her. Anything, that makes her feel special. But unfortunately, this is not an option for some people like us who lives oceans apart from their parents. But, definitely we can take some time off our general routine work and spend generous amount of time with them on a video call and let them know how special they are to us.


4) Mee Time: This is also something to be considered while planning for Mothers Day. Not every one wants a special day full of special activities. No one desires some “Me” time more than New Mommies or Mums in general.. So give her little space and time when she can do whatever she wants, read in her favorite little corner, have a chat with her girlfriends, watch her favourite flick without any interruption.

Now Lets talk about some tangible gifts 🙂

5)Gift Cards: There is nothing worse than buying a gift for someone and then having to return it in exchange for something else. This has personally happened with us last year, when we bought something for my Mum – in – Law and then had to go back to return it the next day as it did not fit her well. I am sure, it was not only us who had this problem. Surveys Shows 7 out of 10 moms return at least one thing in exchange for something else.  It sounds fair as well, who doesn’t love shopping?? and when it comes to ladies… I need not say anything else, just get her a Gift Card from her favourite store and you are all done.

6) Jewellery : No woman ever have “enough” jewellery, and no occasion is small enough for not thinking about jewellery as an option for that special lady in your life. So yes, (Dads/Sons/Husbands) go and find out whats the latest deals on jewellery out there. And of-course it need not be expensive, any small piece with genuine love can do wonders (May be it’s a small hint for my husband as well .. wink wink**)

7. Pamper Mums : All mothers around the world work very hard, because they have 24/7 job. Mums do need to rest and relax and need some pampering. Think about the following options:

a) Spa Session : Gifts like a massage/spa voucher from her favorite parlor can simply make her day.

b) Relaxing Massage Oil : You can also gift her some Relaxing Massage Oil so that she can use it whenever she gets time. Check out Ravo’s Products for some natural massage oil, where each bottle is handcrafted by a pharmacist .

c) Candles: Massage oil can go really well with some beautifully scented candles to create a spa like ambience right at home. For ideas and inspirations check out Love Ava Candles.

d) Nail care products: To complete this luxurius gift option, why not gift mums something that all ladies love. Nowadays with so many amazing Mums around, its easier to create that parlour ambience around us, right at home. There are these special packages from Jamberry. They offer beautiful nail wraps, lacquers, gels, hand and nail care to suit every mum.

They   have released some special Mothers Day wraps and hand creams. Hop on to either http://adiryan.jamberry.com Or nailbox.jamberry.com and find out more from the experienced Mums in business.

e) Mothers Day Gift Boxes : There are many businesses out there who prepare ready made gift boxes for mother day. Check out Boxed Temptations  for some lovely gift ideas. They have variety of different packages..

  • Relax Giftbox: This box contains a beautiful bath soak, an amazing nougat to munch on and a nectar bottle just right for a flower, milk or displaying!

  • On The Go Giftbox

The On The Go box is a great idea for busy mums! The flask is perfect for hot and cold drinks and comes in a range of colours. With Smoothie Bombs that are perfect for morning and tea which is perfect for afternoon, this box has everything for getting through the day while out and about. There is a choice of Smoothie Bomb flavours, flask colours and tea flavours to help you personalise this box.



8) Balanced Motherhood: This is something specially designed for new Mums. I came across this lovely idea during my research on Mothers Day Gift ideas. The Rising Mum offers a coaching package which is a tailored to suit the mum’s needs. They cover things like self-care, self-love, goal setting and self-limiting beliefs and use a range of therapies from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and visualization.  Check them out and new Mums can surely use their service for a more relaxed early motherhood phase and will love you for that.


9) Get Dinner Sorted: There is nothing like home cooked meal for a special occasion to make someone feel extra special. You might even choose to take her out for a dinner, but make sure she doesn’t have to go anywhere near that oven to take care of the night’s meal. Give her some free time for herself while you sort out the dinner.



10) Love You Mum

#10 is always reserved for Mum n Mee’s signature tip !! and that is TLC (Tender Love and Care).  You might or might not choose to celebrate Mothers Day.. either ways Mothers will love their kids more than anything else in the world. The least we can do is love them back, take care, be nice, patient and respectful in our behavior and attitude towards them. Remember, Best things in life are free, when you do anything for them, do it from your heart and you will be all set to celebrate the most loving person in your life..




Signing Off and Lots of Love


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